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Hello, welcome to the official website of Dongguan Hongjing Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.!
Company Profile

  Dongguan Hongjing Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.It is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, which is in the forefront of Qian Qian Town in China. Formerly known as Hongji Plastic Materials Co., Ltd., in order to meet the needs of the domestic packaging market, a composite bag division was added in 2011, and the company was changed to Hongjing Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. The main products are precision injection molded components, composite packaging materials and other products. The complete product line can provide one-stop service for product design, proofing, and mass production for customers' packaging needs.

  The company's injection molding department has 60 sets of 90T ~ 320T injection machines of various tonnages, which are produced by fully automatic assembly lines. Can produce all kinds of precision injection-molded structural parts and large shell appearance parts. The composite bag division has 8-color computer printing presses, 1200mm high-speed composite machines, 600 multi-functional bag making machines, etc., and can make various functional composite bags. The products are widely used. In the electronics / chemical and apparel industries.

  In today's fast-changing manufacturing process, we are convinced that only continuous self-improvement and evolution can provide high-quality products to win trust. Through the renovation of the workshop environment, the machine facilities were updated. Hongjing Packaging is constantly surpassing itself with a production environment and quality control system that exceeds the same industry. Strive to meet customer needs with better quality and faster delivery.

  After years of accumulation, our company has now become a professional packaging supplier in the LED packaging industry. The company's LED reels and anti-static vacuum packaging bags have won a number of industries including rectangular lighting, Furi Electronics, Jingtai Optoelectronics, Anpu Optoelectronics Trusted by well-known companies. In addition, for food and other industry packaging applications, we have developed a series of flexible packaging products such as bubble vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, anti-static bags to meet the diversified needs of the packaging market.

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